Established in 1980, Banca Italo Romena is a joint-venture between Italy and Romania that facilitates banking and commercial exchanges between the two partners.

Although the bank focuses mainly on corporate clients, it has extended its financial services portfolio in order to meet the needs of public institutions and private individual. Banca Italo Romena is operating in Bucharest and large Romanian cities, comprising 23 branches nationwide. 

Although one of the first foreign banks operating in Romania, Banca Italo Romena felt that its brand and service portfolio lacked general recognition.

A comprehensive brand assessment was designed in order to grasp the current brand situation of the client. Through interviews with key management and focus groups with customers, Brand Academy identified current brand characteristics and values, as well as the expectations and core aspirations and consequently proposed solutions for closing the gaps between the two above.

After examining the development scenarios proposed, the client chose a well-designed strategy for leveraging the brand through strategic marketing actions, customer loyalty programmes and brand communication campaigns, including corporate advertising and corporate public relations.