Whether conscious or not, your brand must have a very clear position in the stakeholders' mind, whether we talk about employees, customers, business partners, industry experts, investors, analysts or media.

Brand audits are usually performed by brand owners when they want to know whether their brand still stands true to its audiences (customers, employees, partners, industry experts, authorities, media), when a re-branding decision is taken or pure proactively, to prevent any wrong avenues your brand might take.

We can help identify the audiences’ perception over your brand by conducting an extensive research on their current opinions, attitudes, and expectations towards your brand. We offer an analysis of the gap between current and ideal situation, of the opportunities and obstacles your brand might face, as well as recommended solutions and strategies.
All these are presented in a full-report that will underline your brand strengths, your development opportunities, your brand weaknesses and the keys to overcome or even transform them into your positively differentiating areas.
Brand Academy’s comprehensive brand audit includes brand evaluation, constituents' perception analysis, competitors' evaluation, attribute mapping, gap analysis, actual vs. ideal brand situation, and SWOT analysis (consumer's perception).