CA IB Asset Management was an investment management company that used to be part of the German HVB Group and to manage three mutual funds on the Romanian stock market.

Currently rebranded as Pioneer Asset Management, the company selected Brand Academy to join a consortium that could assist Transgaz to submit a competitive IPO. One of the most important Romanian state companies, Transgaz launched in 2007 the largest Initial Public Offering, aiming to sell 15% of its shares.

Within the partnership with CA IB Asset Management, Brand Academy assumed the task of providing expert communication services.

Our team devised the communication strategy, which detailed on the objectives, profiled the target, and identified main stages of the communication flow. PR campaign focused on raising awareness through press conferences and releases, articles and interviews, as well as third-party analyses.

Because of the IPO’s tight deadlines, Brand Academy recommended an aggressive advertising campaign deployed on communication channels dedicated to finance, capital market and investments.