Cariere prides itself on being the only Romanian magazine focused on leadership and career development and offering expert insights for leaders.

Cariere monthly issues provide in-depth analysis, trends mapping and balanced editorials on people management, entrepreneurship and professional growth. Its primary target consists of middle- and top managers from large Romanian and multinational companies.

Since the publisher intended to expand its portfolio, it required a brand repositioning for Cariere magazine so that its personality and unique promise could be coherently understood and valued within the new brand architecture.

Repositioning a magazine that has a solid publishing history and a dedicated audience is a challenging task, because it demands refining the target and persuading readers to adhere to the new brand or offering them a reliable editorial alternative of the same publisher.

Our strategic marketing team elaborated a brand architecture that integrated a clearly articulated brand for Cariere embodied by the tag line “Leadership journal”. Visual identity and copy were rethought in order to express leadership values and aspirations, and win recognition of the current audience, as well as of the new readers.