Cariere is the only Romanian magazine focused on leadership and career development that approaches strategic topics such as people management, entrepreneurship and professional growth.

Cariere intended to organize an event that would answer a commonly-found need in young professionals: that of discovering one’s true vocation and not getting stuck in a routine job. 

Cariere25 is the brand name of the projected five-day annual conference dedicated to entry and junior-level professionals and aims to provide inspiration and guidance for those motivated to initiate and manage a top-level career plan.

We answered client’s demand for comprehensive brand, marketing and event consultancy and worked closely with Cariere in order to understand the project’s business objectives.

Our strategic marketing team designed a unique conference concept, which detailed all event management essentials, from format, agenda and recommended speakers to communication tactics and best avenues for attracting considerable sponsorship.

Brand’s verbal and visual identities conveyed self-determination, boldness and confidence in one’s abilities, thus establishing an efficient and inspiring communication channel with targeted junior professionals.