Santa City is a unique campaign developed in 2005 for City Mall, the third shopping center of this type built in Bucharest.

Once the largest mall in the southern district of Bucharest, City Mall had to deal with a powerful competition from the very beginning. Consequently, the client asked Brand Academy to help devise and implement a compelling campaign, which could win over a large number of Christmas shoppers.

Brand Academy designed an interactive event concept, focused on Santa's trip around the world aimed at bringing presents to all children.

The "Santa City" campaign started by turning the entire mall into Santa's village, with the elves' toy factory, Misses Santa's kitchen where she prepares sweets, Santa's post office where he receives all letters from around the world and Santa's own corner where he talks to children.

During the campaign, a series of events was developed for every target segment, such as children, young adults, and families, structured into week days / weekend events. At the same time, we developed a comprehensive website for the campaign, mainly focused on relationship marketing objectives.

Following the campaign's concept, on December 22nd, a lucky family won a trip to Santa's real village, Rovaniemi, Finland.