Global Technical Systems is a Romanian organization specialized in offering efficient building technologies and high-quality IT&C solutions.

The company creates better living & working environments through the intelligent use of technologies that enrich comfort and safety, and aims to become one of Romania’s most recognized brands in integrated tech solutions.

Although initially focused exclusively on building a successful business record, the client became aware of the growing need for an integrated brand strategy capable to convey its brand values and promise.

After an extensive examination of company’s business, target, competition, and current brand situation, we developed a strategic marketing proposal, able to consistently communicate client’s unique selling proposition and to deal with future sudden changes of the market.

The visuals and copy of Global Technical Systems brand bespeak passion for innovation, unmatched technical competence, integrity and safety.

Given the client’s technological profile, we focused on designing an intelligent online communication platform, while making sure that offline marketing tools adhere to brand personality and top advertising production standards.