Green Field is a large residential complex built by Impact. Founded in 1991, the developer is an important real estate company that delivers large residential projects.

Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996, Impact is the company that first promoted the integrated residential concept on the Romanian market. The firm has built more than 2,000 residential units and an A-class business center totalizing 8,000 sqm.

Green Field is located north of Bucharest and comprises over 3,800 apartments, educational institutions, restaurants and sport facilities constructed on 60 hectares.

Impact, the project developer, confronted with serious difficulties in marketing a largely unknown product. Consequently, it required a coherent marketing and communication strategy for Green Field in order to boost sales and increase revenue.

After delivering a systematic research on current market situation, present brand perception and marketing mix, Brand Academy focused on defining and repositioning the product, highlighting the competitive advantages and differentiators on which to build the communication strategy.

Marketing and advertising campaigns were adjusted to current development stage of Green Field and articulated the main attributes and values of the brand, while removing sub-brands that disrupted a coherent communication.