Lomb is a large scale mixed-use real estate project, which aims to be the first completely new neighborhood attached to the City of Cluj.

Impact, the developer of the project, was founded in 1991 and listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996. Impact is the company that first promoted the integrated residential concept on the Romanian market. The firm has built more than 2,000 residential units and an A-class business center totalizing 8,000 sqm.

Impact recognized the urgent need to develop a consistent product marketing strategy that would secure investors’ involvement and win end customer enthusiasm.

As we usually proceed when devising marcom strategies, we initiated a substantial dialogue with our client, which allowed us to gain first-hand insight into the existing brand attributes, targeted segments, relevant business facts and projected marketing and sales objectives.

Our marketing report identified brand’s unique differentiators and suggested the most advantageous positioning, while supporting a stand-alone communication strategy for the Lomb brand in order to achieve message clarity and efficiency.