With sales of EUR 34.05 billion and a workforce of 29,800 employees in 2011, OMV is an integrated international oil and gas company that supplies more than 200 million people with energy.

OMV Romania has solid business operations comprising own filling stations network, power marketing & trading, power plants, and natural gas production facilities.

OMV intended to consolidate its trendsetter image and launch a convenient financial service for individual customers that would enable them to save time and money. Given our proven expertise in service and product branding, OMV chose Brand Academy to craft a powerful brand identity, capable to raise customer awareness boost company’s strategic financial objectives.

We pick up the task of creating OMV Personal by thoroughly profiling the target and proposing concrete marketing and communication objectives to be achieved by the new brand.

Visuals, naming and copy emphasized brand’s differentiating features, such as convenience, trust, innovation, and comfort, while keeping to the OMV organizational communication standards.

Initially a pilot project in Romania, the service confirmed marketing and financial expectations and was extended to other countries from Central and Eastern Europe.