Origami Residence is an exclusive residential project located in the Elisabetin neighborhood, the most treasured residential area in the City of Timisoara.

Built on seven levels for families with exclusive living standards, Origami Residence embodies a unique architectural vision, based on symmetry, functionality and openness.

The real estate developer hired Brand Academy to create a captivating brand identity and a comprehensive communication strategy on online and offline mediums so that the product be perceived and remembered as an unrivalled living choice.

Our tangible experience with the residential project was an essential step in creating a living brand that would express an enticing promise to clients, while coherently incorporating the architectural design of the building.

Based on these insights, we crafted Origami Residence. It is a residential brand that proposes a stylish architectural vision based on the symmetry and the minimalism of the cardinal geometric figures, which are integrated through bold angles and clear lines so that it offer a familiar, generous and bright living space, while preserving its functionality.