An educational project developed by Global Vision and Corporate University...

The Romanian Institute of Property Management (IRPM) is a unique Romanian educational project initiated by Global Vision, a group specialized in integrated real estate solutions for property development and property management of medium and large-scale investments.

Established in 2004, by a group of highly experienced specialists, with 30-year+ cummulated experience in the field of real estate, Global Vision is the fastest growing asset & property management group in Romania.

The Romanian Institute of Property Management is a training and development corporate unit aiming to establish rigorous industry professional standards, to train and grow a new generation of property management specialists, able to deliver the entire range of tasks composing one of the most important branches of real estate services.

The client required an integrated marketing and branding strategy, capable to efficiently disseminate the institute’s bold objectives, to raise positive awareness and to win over targeted audience.

Although at a certain point of time the Romanian real estate market experienced a substantial growth, few investors benefited from professional property management services and were confronted with low return on investment.

The brand strategy designed by our team played up the competitive advantage of the IRPM, which assumed the task of modeling professionals and of implementing internationally recognized benchmarks in a management area still nascent in Romania.

Since IRPM is an innovative brand, it has required a comprehensive marketing strategy delivered on a variety of communication channels, so that the targeted audience would grasp the Institute’s real benefits for all types of real estate investments.