Targoviste is a one of the most influential cities in the historical province of Muntenia, with a cultural, political and religious heritage dating back to XIV th century.

Once the capital of Walachia, Targoviste reminds of great Romanian kings and their battles, the beginning of Romanian printing and most cherished religious monuments.

Despite its rich history, the city confronted with a low capital influx and small per capita revenue. The City Hall’s grasped the opportunity of rejuvenating the city brand and asked Brand Academy to devise a consistent brand identity and a corresponding communication strategy.

A city brand functions on the market as a product or service brand, however it addresses a more complex and larger number of segments. However, the most important challenge we faced was to unearth the brand’s unique character that remained true to the perceived city brand’s current constituents.

After thoroughly profiling the target, we identified tourists as the most important segment which the future city brand must address. We submitted three fully-developed versions of city brand, each of them comprising verbal and visual identities that focused on historical heritage and tourist attractions, while including an air of mystery and subtle invitation.

Since a city brand is a living being, we created a captivating launching event concept to announce its rebirth and an inspiring brand literature to unfold the story and the main attributes of its personality.