Traiesc Sanatos is a not-for-profit sports association fueled by its members' commitment to sport and a healthy lifestyle. It has a substantial activity supported by solid partnerships, and organizes sports and networking events, as well as charitable initiatives.

BOrn as a Linkedin community, the group has grown in a 700+ member community and consequently required a new structural and business pattern and a corresponding powerful brand to support it.

Traiesc Sanatos is a challenging project that employed our best strategic marketing skills. We designed a new organizational framework that answered clear objectives such as promoting sports activities and supporting young sport talents.

Our creative endeavor focused on visual identity. Visuals embraced and supported the brand personality, which is committed to a healthy lifestyle and expresses integrity and generosity.

The project included the development of integrated communication tools, from website and corporate literature to branded livery (T-shirts, triathlon equipment, etc.).