Upground Residential is one of the most impressive residential projects nestled in Bucharest’s newly emerging economic and business center.

The concept building addresses an exclusive target, which is mainly interested in outstanding quality, convenient location, ample space and solid construction.

Its developer, Upground Estates, is an indelible established regional developer whose name stands for eight years of outstanding achievements on Central and East European real estate market, built on a dynamic business vision and an experienced team of certified industry specialists.

The project developer entrusted us with a twofold mission: to define an inspiring brand identity spotlighting the uniqueness of the residence and to design intelligent communication tools able to generate leads.

In time of real estate slowdown, we took up the challenge and succeeded in creating a new iconic concept of “extraordinary living” with subsequent proven financial outcomes for the client.

Grasping the needs and aspirations of the highly sophisticated individuals targeted by Upground Residential was a requisite step in crafting the brand identity, which communicated luxury, attention to minute details, lavish space, comfort, privilege and delight.

“Extraordinary living” pervades both offline and online communication platforms, from brand identity deliverables, brochures and apartments’ 3D graphic design to product website and newsletter.