Willbrook is an international corporation, born in UK, which offers a full range of professional real estate services on emerging markets.

The company develops and sustains unique concepts on the local markets by combining its international expertise with new-found design and innovation.

True to its mission, the organization decided to expand its business portfolio and to establish stand-alone divisions operating in healthcare, hospitality and business education, as well as a foundation committed to bringing tangible benefits to communities and their environment.

To be successful, such a momentous change in the corporative structure must be supported by a comprehensive branding strategy, which can identify the way brands within company’s portfolio relate to and differentiate from one another, while communicating their unique promise. Aware of the challenge, the client hired Brand Academy to design a brand architecture that would integrate existing and future core businesses.

After performing an in-depth brand audit, our team proposed a brand architecture based on the parent corporate brand, Willbrook International, which could effectively endorse and convey sub-brands its positive awareness, commitment to excellence and ethical approach to business.

The seven new-born sub-brands preserved the corporate title, i.e. “Willbrook International”, and the logo concept, while integrating each division’s name: Medical Center, Hospitality, Educational Center, Real Estate, Foundation, Property Management and Construction. Each sub-brand acquired a distinct color palette, which stressed their individual personality and communicated the corresponding mission and values.