Founded in 2003, we are a full-service brand consultancy that focuses on conceptual design solutions for innovative companies, products and events.

We help you design new branding strategies, create inspiring communication campaigns and develop efficient marketing instruments that foster the growth of your organization.

Our portfolio includes large Romanian and multinational companies that operate in the most dynamic industries. OMV, Radisson SAS, Global Vision, Softwin, Willbrook International Management, G4S, Banca Italo-Romena are some of our most important clients.


    I am
    A marketing professional by free choice, an individualistic communication junkie (yes, I am aware of the intrinsic paradox), an entrepreneur by chance, a writer by distance calling (it's getting closer though), a mother by vocation and a runner by destiny, still on the trail.

    I do
    I tell people what to do, sometimes I listen. Then I listen again.
    Mostly though, I tell people what to do.
    Hopefully, some of the things I say are worth listening to.

    I believe
    I believe in continuous learning, I believe in not knowing everything and I believe in questioning anything.

    I'm passionate about (no particular order)
    Architecture, children, fashion, archaeology, running, Greece, Serbia, raw vegan, christian orthodox religion and lately, social media.

    Fifteen years in marketing, ten years in executive management, undergraduate studies in communication, postgraduate management studies, MBA (OU).
    Member of the Strategic Management Society, Academy of Management and the American Economic Association.



    I am
    I think that the quest for "I am" statement is a lifelong journey.

    I do
    I listen to clients' communication needs and translate them into words. I make sure clients' requests are heard and solved in a timely manner. I take care the advertising production runs smoothly for the clients' benefit.

    I believe
    I believe that the only way to learn from experience is to thoroughly read books.

    I dream
    I dream to do the photography coverage of an expedition to the Amazonian jungle.

    I have an 11-year+ experience in communication and marketing, gained with major players in advertising, media and online industry. A 2000 graduate of Philosophy, I hold a MA in German Studies and a MA in Public Relations. I also graduated Brand Management Operating System, the first postgraduate program in Romania offering brand management qualification.



    I am
    A girl who dreams in colors and a designer with an unbounded passion for photography.

    I do
    I create stuff with my mind, my index finger (by clicking the mouse) and my hands (by crafting decorations and accessories).

    I believe
    I believe great taste comes in many forms and we can find inspiration everywhere around us.

    I dream
    About swimming with dolphins. Someday...

    Eight years experience in graphic design, with a particular focus on brand identity, typography and corporate literature.
    Technical educational background (BA, Computer Science) and project management expertise.
    Major interest in web-related graphics: web design, social media, online publishing.



    I am
    The developer or the guy with the buttons as a plastic but, of course, profane image.

    I do
    I bring to life web projects, from the graphic image to the actual website, application, animation etc.
    Also contribute with my humble opinion on best practice, content, design or, as a matter of fact, on anything you'd ask.

    I'm passionate about
    Space exploration, quiz games, ski, crafting robots, documentaries, good literature and music.

    I dream
    To work for a daring space exploration program.

    Web developer for eight years, entrepreneur and project manager for three years in the field of web development. Worked for a wide range of clients ranging from FMCG top corporations to non-profit organisations, as part of small experienced teams, locally and internationally awarded.
    Graduated the Cybernetics Faculty and the Informatics Project Management Master from ASE Bucharest, also have a degree in Environmental Economics from the same institution. Interests and experience in all aspects of web development server-side and client-side, particullary LAMP, HTML/CSS/Javascript and Flash.