A brand strategy starts by designing a strong basis for the brand to grow: a clear mission, an inspiring vision and a set of core principles to be guided by.

You continue with conveying all these in a Unique Selling Proposition, which guarantees a clear-cut brand positioning, i.e. a unique place occupied by your brand in consumers’ minds. And then, you have to strategically plan the future of your brand essence in thoroughly constructed brand architecture and in-depth resource analysis.

At Brand Academy, we ca develop comprehensive brand strategies, so that your brand and marketing managers envision what the brand will “do” for the organization in the medium and long term, relative to brand value, revenue and profit contributions.
In order to make sure you will successfully implement the brand strategy designed by Brand Academy team, we help you create customized brand metrics and brand communication. Thus, your brand specialists will be able to manage in a highly effective manner the brand portfolio and measure the return on brand investment.

Depending on your needs, we can make them all available to you, as stand-alone projects or fully integrated services. Brand strategy services comprise: mission, vision and positioning, unique selling proposition, brand values, attributes and direction per constituency, brand architecture, brand portfolio strategy, future brand essence.