Companies today are probably some of the most important content publishers, issuing a rich variety of corporate literature.

However, sending clear and persuasive messages to audiences can be a difficult task. The public choose from a huge reading offer delivered on both online and offline channels and usually reads only texts that captivate and motivate, that tell a story expressing attitudes, desires, needs, emotions and ideals familiar to them.

With a significant writing experience in creating content for large Romanian and multinational companies, Brand Academy editorial team can help organizations to devise effective communication tools.

Our editors craft inspiring organizational literature, tailored to client’s requirements: audience profile, communication objectives, core messages, company history and industry. Editorial work goes always hand in hand with graphic design, so that verbal and visual elements enhance each other and build an attractive and compelling image.

Brand Academy’s editorial services include content development for website, blog, newsletter, articles, brochures, magazines and CSR publications.