Sight prevails over its fellow senses and often enough even over human reason. Images are so powerful that they have modeled the social environment in which we live.

They have also enhanced our emotional intelligence, which demands us every day to further nurture it with more sophisticated symbols and images.

That is why a company cannot express itself without a distinctive corporate design. Design embodies brand values, personality and its underlying marketing strategy, and communicates what the company stands for.

At Brand Academy we create powerful design concepts that capture attention, position unique brands, and determine customers to take a step forward, asserting allegiance to the favorite brand.

Our design team can deliver to your company complete design services, starting with visual identity (logo, color palette, typography, photography, billboards, window decoration), corporate stationery (letterhead, fax, envelope, contract, press release, invoice, business cards, power point presentation), corporate magazine, corporate literature (brochures, annual reports, leaflets, etc.), package design, event branding (invitations, roll-ups, pop-up banners, mesh, stand design), and merchandising (personalized promotionals).