Digital has become the primary branding and marketing medium, because here it is where usually customers first get to know you: on a 24/7 open communication channel.

Customers also prefer digital environment. Here they experience, talk about and vote for your brands. Here they can freely share their brand experience and learn other people opinions on your company and its product and services.

At Brand Academy, we integrate online and offline brand strategy and build a powerful digital signage, aligned with brand promise and personality. We design unique website concepts and incorporate digital best practices, as well as the latest trends and technologies, generating positive user experience and brand allegiance.

Digital is however more than websites, weekly newsletters and monthly eMagazines. Social media has changed the way we expect brands and companies to communicate with us. They stopped lecturing us and started talking to us, answering our real-time doubts, needs, and suggestions. They live among us and for us.

We know that the thorniest problem for your company is to keep control of its brands’ experience in the 2.0. environment. Brand Academy’s interdisciplinary team can help you devise a smart social media communication strategy and craft all required deliverables: social media tools, interaction design, mobile and tablet interface design and content planning.