At the beginning, you need a powerful verbal identity to represent you.

Verbs, names and descriptors articulate the most important vehicle through which brands are created, attached meanings, and, most important, communicated to customers. 

Name, slogan, and core messages speak for a brand, whether it is a product, a service or a company. They bestow a personality on the brand and project its future. To be successful, they have to be attractive, provocative and conceptual. They must possess the ability to express your values, vision, brand promise and its unique selling proposition. And last but not least, they have to be consistent with business and marketing objectives.
If you launch a new product or service, if you acknowledge the opportunity of rebranding, or if you undergo a structural change such as a merger, Brand Academy can help you state an inspirational verbal identity.
When developing verbal identity, we start from understanding the bigger business picture of your company: the firm history, its business objectives, its marketing strategy and brand portfolio, as well as industry circumstances and consumer trends. Then, we merge these insights with our creative team inspiration and craft a memorable verbal identity that answers your audience’s psychological profile and brand identity.

If you have already a strong verbal identity, our copywriting team can help you elaborate on it by creating names, slogans, copy for ads and advertorials.