Every company dreams to achieve and exceed sales and marketing objectives, to grow and become a major player on the market it acts.

Such bold goals call for a smart approach to the entire business and require a strategic marketing plan, which has to integrate all essential facts and figures necessary to envision new trends and opportunities and to answer efficiently urgent marketing challenges and adjustments. 

Targeting the customers is the first step to gain strategic knowledge about the direction you must head the company. Based on target and business environment’s analysis, marketing strategy and plans are developed in order to provide a tangible set of business objectives.
To be successful, marketing strategy needs however more than the dedication of top management, line managers and specialists. Targeted communities must understand the core messages sent by your company and must be willing to support and contribute to your business vision. And this is where communication strategy comes in, giving your customers reasons to believe and buy, through advertising campaigns, internal and external launches, public relation campaigns and marketing events.
Winning brands must be protected so that only your company can profit from them. Our brand protection services include legal counseling on brand and trademark registration, logo and graphic symbol registration, dealing with objections raised by authorities or other third parties, as well as trademark monitoring.
At Brand Academy, we offer structured marketing consultancy which follows the real-life business logic, from market and competitive analysis, market segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing mix to communication strategy, brand protection and growth scenarios.